Ginger Masala Chai


Net Weight:50 grams – 25 biodegradable bags

Popularly known as Tapri Chai (hawker tea) and Cutting Chai (half cup chai), this brew is served hot on the streets and alleys across India. Characterized by sweet and spicy notes in a full-bodied tea, this is essentially India in a cup!

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Fresh black tea from selected tea estates blended with sweet and spicy Indian ginger.



Health Benefits

Aids metabolism and fat burn, has a calming effect.

Caffeine Level



Black tea and dried ginger powder


Double lid tin caddies that protect the content from moisture, heat and odors and keep it fresher and aromatic for longer.

The ginger in this blend is finely crushed thus it must be packaged in tea bags to maintain the tea to spice ratio. However, we do not and will not compromise on quality or environmentally friendly practices thus the tea bags are 100% biodegradable pyramid bags made from corn starch and contain no microplastics whatsoever.


100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Sustainable Tea
No artificial flavors
Hand Plucked
Gluten Free


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