Sahlep – سحلب


Sahlep, also known as salep, is a powdered flour made from the dried tubers of certain species of orchids, primarily the orchid genus Orchis. It has a long history of use in traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Its taste is characterized by a delicate, slightly floral flavor with hints of vanilla and a creamy texture when mixed with hot liquid. This unique taste profile adds a comforting warmth to beverages and desserts.

مسحوق مصنوع من الدرنات المجففة لأنواع معينة من زهرة الاوركيد. له تاريخ طويل من الاستخدام في المأكولات التقليدية في الشرق الأوسط والبحر الأبيض المتوسط. يتميز مذاقه بنكهة زهرية رقيقة مع القليل من الفانيليا وملمس كريمي عند مزجه مع سائل ساخن. يضيف هذا المذاق الفريد دفئا مريحًا للمشروبات والحلويات

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How to use

Sahlep is typically used to make a popular hot drink known as sahlep or salep. To prepare the beverage, sahlep powder is mixed with hot milk or water, sweetened with sugar, and sometimes flavored with spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. It's enjoyed as a soothing winter drink or as a dessert.

يستخدم السحلب عادة لصنع مشروب ساخن شعبي يعرف باسم السحلب. لتحضير المشروب، يتم خلط مسحوق السحلب مع الحليب الساخن أو الماء، المحلى بالسكر، وأحياناً بنكهة البهارات مثل القرفة أو جوزة الطيب. يتم الاستمتاع به كمشروب شتوي مهدئ

Frequently Asked Question 1

Why does The Spice & Tea Market display products in small quantities?

Spice fragrance is due to the very volatile oils in the relevant leaf, seed, stem, root or bark. Spices lose their potency over time and due to exposure to air and light. Displaying spices in small quantities in airtight glass jars ensures that the spices are used and replenished frequently, no flavour contamination from the container and thus ensuring maximum freshness.

Frequently Asked Question 2

Why do I have to wait for my order to be prepared?

Ground spices lose their volatile oils thus aroma and taste at a very fast rate. To preserve freshness, we try to ground spices to order in as small quantities as we can.

Frequently Asked Question 3

Why does The Spice & Tea Market avoid offering ready spice mixes?

Ready spice mixes can sit on shelves for extended periods, which can cause the flavours and aromas to deteriorate and get overwhelmed by the stronger kind of spice in the blend. By offering individual spices, you can create your own blends to suit your personal taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

Frequently Asked Question 4

From where does The Spice & Tea Market source their products?

We source our products from small-scale farmers who use traditional and environmentally friendly farming practices. Our commitment to fair trade also helps preserve cultural traditions and protect the environment. Come taste the difference that fair trade and responsible sourcing make.


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